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There’s a summer heatwave and you’re suffering from intense heat, what do you do? You turn on your air conditioner to cool your home. But there’s one place in your home that your air conditioner is not cooling down and that’s your attic space. A home’s roof is literally the first line of defense with keeping the blistering sun from beating down on your home but below the roof theirs the attic. Let’s face it, the attic is always the last thing on your mind when cooling your home during the summer. Did you know that your attic gets about 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the outside temperature? We have solutions on how to keep your attic from storing all that heat.

How do attic fans work?

Attic fans only have one purpose and that’s to protect your home from extremely hot weather. There is another way to use an attic fan and that’s to keep your attic dry during the winter months depending on where you live. It gets very dry/hot during the summer in Fresno and sometimes it can rain during the winter months. An attic fan will exhaust all the built-up hot air inside your attic and exhaust it right out of your homes gable vents. A roof mount attic fan will do the same thing, but instead, the hot air gets exhausted through the attic fan mounted on the roof.

Do you save money with an Attic Fan?

It’s possible to save money with an attic fan, but if you’re using air conditioning during the summer you might see a slight difference. Having an attic fan helps your air conditioning unit work much more effectively in cooling the thermal mass of your home. Now if you have a whole house fan installed in your home, both attic fan and whole house fan can save you incredible amounts of money. Whole house fans can’t cool your home during hot peak hours during the day. Keep in mind that your living area needs to be properly sealed apart from your attic because if an attic fan is running and your air conditioning is on at the same time you will lose out on some conditioned air. Proper attic ventilation will help a lot.

Benefits of installing an attic fan

  • cooler attic during the summer 

  • improves the longevity of your attic 

  • Minimizes damage to your roof from heat 

  • Keeps your attic dry when moisture is present 

  • Prevents ice damming 

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